An impression of a Simonton training

Simonton training
door Bert Braanker, President of the Friends of Simonton Foundation, november 2015

“In October, I was present at a Simonton training. As director of the Friends of Simonton Board I had already gained the necessary knowledge about the approach, but actually participate in an exercise had not yet succeeded.

The day started with a great cup of coffee and a round of introductions. Always good to know with whom you can spend the hours. One of the first challenges was a large bowl of delicious cakes: a little strange, if you know how bad sweets can sometimes be for your health. This was immediately arrested all the first learning opportunity: it may, nothing, as long as you enjoy but conscious.

A second dining experience was lunch: full macro biological justification and (very) nice too. I did not expect that. But obviously the logistics was not the goal, and certainly not the most memorable event of the day. After introducing the participants, we gained insight into the workings of our brain. The cognitive part and the emotional part, and more importantly, mutual cooperation or even sometimes lack of it.

Within half an hour had our supervisor / trainer / coach (Thera Balvers) the fundamentals of the Simonton approach theoretically worked out clearly for us. That should be mandatory teaching costs at secondary schools! Through small exercises we also addressed the quest for balance in life, both the brains and the body. Time flew and the attention slackened for a second: a program that is highly recommendable for people who doubt their own ability to influence the balance of your life, to influence your own recovery.

I was again impressed by the unlimited prospects and allowing one. ”


Send November 2015 by Bert Braanker, President Friends of Simonton Foundation