online: Introduction Training NVC in English

Man en vrouw hebben ruzie

Training for Nonviolent Communication, inspired by the method of Marshall Rosenberg

Ik krijg geregeld de vraag van Engelstaligen voor een introductie training Geweldloze Communicatie in het Engels. Ik wil in 2023 daarom een Engelstalige online training aanbieden. Als je een geïnteresseerde kent, heel fijn als je deze informatie door wilt sturen.

Why learning Nonviolent Communication?

The introduction of Nonviolent Communication is meant for everyone willing to learn how to communicate in a connecting and effective way.


  • Awareness around our judgements and communicate in connection with others;
  • Awareness of your own feelings and needs;
  • To develop compassion for ourself and for others;
  • Learning to understand the good intentions from the other;
  • Taking responsibility and care for yourself;
  • Honest and open expression to somebody else;
  • Learn to find strategies to fulfill your needs in connection with others;
  • Learn to make requests and to search together for a win – win situation.

When and how will the online training Nonviolent Communication take place?

The online introduction training of nonviolent communication is planned on the following dates:

  • January – february 2023 (subscription not possible)
  • End of year 2023 or options in 2024 (send a message for application or information)
  • Location: Zoom online meetings

About the trainer

Thera Balvers is International Certified CNVC Trainer & CNVC Assessor
(the training hours count for the learning journey to become a certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer)

Investment: Including digital syllabus.
Private: € 340,00 (without invoice )
ZZP-entrepeneur/Stap-learning-budget (with invoice): € 440,00. If a company fulfills the invoice: € 795,00
(As a training institute I’m exempted from value added taxes)
(If the costs are a problem, please do contact us)

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Are you interested in this training, but does the date not suit you? Please send a message, so you will be informed of upcoming training options.