Who is Thera Balvers?

Thera becoming a therapist was meant to be, just because of her name…

About Thera Balvers

Her organisation developed naturally by answering people’s requests to guide them through their challenges. She knows how to connect seamlessly to what is truly alive in people, and she is capable of realising movement and growth. Thera has more than 35 years of experience as a trainer, therapist and coach. As a result, she knows -like no other- how to develop the qualities of individuals and teams in a safe setting.

After her higher professional education in youth welfare work and a year of working experience in psychiatric health care for children, she made the switch to adult counselling. Throughout 7 years of studies, she developed herself further in de fields of couple therapy, system-oriented therapy, psychosynthesis, Gestalt therapy and hypnotherapy.

Working and learning

In the meantime she earned a living as a social worker in the working class neighbourhoods of Rotterdam. In addition to her qualities of inventiveness and empathy, her sense of humour was a welcome quality to be able to successfully work there. After this she transferred to municipal social work.

Thera geeft lezing

Thera’s later activities as a policy officer, project leader and team leader, show that she can translate practise into policy and cooperation; creating in everyone the willingness and motivation to get to work.

Certified in multiple areas

Thera is a certified Simonton therapist (offering psycho oncological therapy for people with cancer) and has co-created the Simonton Cancer Center in the Benelux region. (formerly known as the Simonton Cancer Center Benelux). Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is part of the Simonton program and that is how Thera’s interest in NVC was aroused. Now she is an internationally certified trainer with the Center of Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) and a NVC mediator. Beside she is also a certified international assessor (guiding candidates who want to become certified trainers).

Because she longed to not only work with her head, but also with her hands, Thera trained as a florist and is a master binder. Thera uses this expertise to improve cooperation in teams.

Thera Balvers met een zaal vol toehoorders

It is Thera’s mission to connect people, teams and organizations to their own strength. This opens the way to more wellbeing and success.

Thera Balvers has a CRKBO registered institution. She is also a member of the NAP (Dutch association for psychotherapy) and the NVvH (Dutch association for Hypnosis).

"Every criticism, judgement, diagnosis and expression of anger is the tragic expression of an unmeet need"

Marshall B. Rosenberg, PHD

"Every criticism, judgement, diagnosis and expression of anger is the tragic expression of an unmeet need"

Marshall B. Rosenberg, PHD