Thera Balvers is CRKBO geregistreerde instelling. Daarnaast is zij Lid van de NAP (Nederlandse Associatie voor Psychotherapie) en de NVvH (Nederlands Vereniging voor Hypnose)

Wat deelnemers zeggen..

I am still trying to move down the pavement rather than keep on going back to judgemental. That parrot on the shoulder makes you more alert to what may be going on. I have been pursuing my creative side and my art course culminated in me developing a leaflet to do with inheritance. It focussed specifically on my memories of mum. Quite refreshing but am I living in her shadow? Once more thank you for the help and advice you gave me and Lizi. Your warmth and love of people whilst staying professional is amazing.


I must include how profoundly I am filled with the deepest gratitude and appreciation for your brilliance and compassion while working with my husband so intimately and tenderly on is Belief Work.. Absolutely Healing! A door opened to his soul and places left unattended found a new path to unresolved issues, How lucky for us that you were the masterful guide helping him through difficult terrain. There is a palpable, positive shift in energy in everything he is doing. And a new loving depth in a renewed re-connection for us in our relationship is so wonderful to experience. THANK YOU!


Ik voel me 10 kilo lichter, letterlijk en figuurlijk. Ik ben verwonderd over de manier waarop je werkt, omdat ik dankbaar ben dat we tot in het fijnste detail alles wat zich aandient ontvouwen tot een prachtige bloem die tot bloei komt.
Ik voel me vervuld omdat ik gezien en gehoord wordt tot in het diepst van mijn ziel.